Nat Searle



Moto Parking Space

A piece about culture shock


A parking space for motorcycles transplanted from the street to a wall.

I was on residency in Campeche, Mexico, the temperature in the 40s, I couldn’t understand a word and I had culture shock. All I could think about was how cool it was that there was so much dedicated parking space for motorbikes (‘motos’) everywhere.

This piece is a moto parking space raising from the floor onto a wall, representing the idea of things being out of their comfort zone.

I created it in La Clandestina cultural centre; inside a walled yard where regular live music performances took place.

I recreated the parking space to be the exact dimensions of my favourite moto parking space in Campeche.

It is painted in ‘Street Yellow’, which I discovered is the incredibly appropriated named colour of the yellow paint in the street.