Nat Searle



I am an artist based in Leeds, UK. I run a multidisciplinary practice incorporating printmaking and public art installations.

My screen printed work explores the relationship between stripped back graphics, colour and scale. Inspiration is drawn from my immediate environment with many pieces either being site or issue specific. On occasion I take a more experimental slant as a palate cleanser from the last project. I can regularly be found at Leeds Print Workshop tussling with paint and screens, aiding and abetting members, and teaching Experimental Screen Printing to souls in need of a break from tight registration.

Work on the street has included fence weaves and murals. This tends to be more abstract in nature, though there is usually a method to the madness.

My practice has evolved to include undertaking international artist-in-residence posts. These involve water based journeys and/or environmental issues. Work has been created whilst canoeing in Latin America and the US, on sailboats in Europe and the Atlantic, and on fishing boats in the Gulf of Mexico.