Nat Searle


Kilner Jars

Collections and curiosities. In 2016 I screenprinted 100 Kilner jars. I have been slowly filling the jars ever since.

Screen Prints

The Kilner jars are printed to scale. The objects inside are not. This project is about sentimentality, British quirk and things that are important to me, even if just for a fleeting moment.

In the spirit of collections and rarity, these objects have been printed at very low print runs, ranging from just 1 to a whopping 7.

Contents to date:

Billy Bremner statue
Billy Bremner statue on plinth
Blue goose
My adidas
Oakwood Clock
Owl, in flight
Roundhay Park bandstand
Rubber Duck
Sir Otter – in collaboration with Ben Skinner AKA Otter and Ink
Space invaders

Artwork Detail

Screen prints, 2 to 4 colours depending on contents of jar
300gsm, acid-free, hot-pressed watercolour paper
The jars are all identical in size, the paper sizes vary